A Solution in Search of a Problem

DTSC cannot provide any data or scientific justification that establishes any credible problem.

  • The current practices and safeguards are effective
  • Local governments and local regulatory agencies view shredders as responsible operators and valuable contributors to the economy and environment. There is no threat to public health from metal shredding operations. DTSC’s assertion of risk is fabricated and unsubstantiated.
  • In 40 years,  metal shredders have successfully recycled millions of cars and appliances and other metals that otherwise would cause massive environmental problems.

Unjustified Money Grab that Must be Prevented

The only system that is broken is DTSC – a dysfunctional agency that is trying to fabricate a problem as an excuse to impose millions of dollars in fees it needs to bail out its fiscal mismanagement.


Proof Points:

  • Excessive fees are 100 percent unnecessary and would not achieve any net gain in protection of public health or the environment
  • They will result in closure and/or dislocation of California recycling operations
  • Well-paying union and management jobs will be lost  
  • Fees will kill off tens of thousands of jobs performed by Latinos, Blacks, Asians, especially in disadvantaged communities
  • By threatening the metal recycling industry, DTSC itself poses a risk to the environment due to inevitable black market operations and because metal waste will end up in landfills – not recycled as required by law
  • Labeling cars and appliances at a shredder as waste and shredded cars and appliances as hazardous waste has no basis under the law or in science.
  • Labeling the metal recovery facilities as hazardous waste treatment facilities will create unwarranted concerns and stress for surrounding neighbors.

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