"Scrap metal recycling in California is a robust industry that plays a key role in environmental protection and conservation. The UMRC is leading the way in public awareness and education campaigns to ensure that the industry does not encounter the same hardships plaguing other recycling industries in the state."
La Mirada City Councilmember Andrew Sarega

"I support Latino entrepreneurship. The scrap metal recycling industry has been sustained by hardworking Latino business owners throughout the state. We need to continue protecting and encouraging industries that benefit our communities."
- Lawndale City Councilmember Bernadette Suarez

"Green jobs and recycling automobiles, a value that we should all learn to appreciate more from the scrap metal recycling industry. Thanks to the United Metal Recyclers of California for keeping me informed."
- Former City of Norwalk Commissioner Bryan Lopez

"The UMRC is looking out for several businesses and jobs in its efforts to inform the public that an entire industry is at risk of becoming obsolete in California. I appreciate the fact that this organization is trying to ensure that the people who depend on this industry to support their families are able to continue working hard."
- City of Whittier Commissioner Dr. David Gonzalez, Jr.

"If it wasn’t for the efforts of the United Metal Recyclers of California, I would have never been aware of this issue that would have made it nearly impossible to recycle scrap metal in the state of California. We must be good stewards in making sure that our leftover scrap metal does not end up in landfills and to make sure that it is recycled properly."
- Former Maywood City Councilmember Elvira Moreno

"The United Metal Recyclers of California is the voice for the people that may not have a voice in the metal recycling industry. I’m glad that they are also looking out for the metal collectors, who provide cities with a great service by collecting scrap metal from our neighborhoods."
- Santa Fe Springs Councilmember Joe Angel Zamora

"I applaud the efforts of the United Metal Recyclers of California in providing me with information regarding this valuable recycling program. We need to ensure that the actions taken by the DTSC do not hinder the metal recycling industry in California."
- Brea City Councilmember Steven Vargas

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