Metal recycling is an essential industry that keeps mountains of metal off our streets and out of our landfills, while providing provides thousands of jobs – including union plant workers and union longshoremen and thousands of small minority businesses built around collecting scrap metal. Without the metal recycling industry, scrap metal, end of life vehicles and end of life appliances would accumulate in streets, vacant lots and back yards.  Metal recyclers provide a safe and effective way to recycle these items into new products


  • Over a million cars and over a million appliances are recycled annually in California
  • Metal recycling in Southern California alone contributes an estimated $5 billion to the local economy and over 22,000 jobs.
  • Recycled metal is the 2nd most exported product from the Port of Los Angeles.  Over 20 million metric tons of recycled metal was exported through the Port of LA in 2018
  • 51,000 metal shredding jobs throughout the state
  • Tens of thousands of small businesses that collect metal in all 58 California counties.

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